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IL lifetime DUI ban, what proposals are being floated to change this?

Libertyville, IL |

I've read on a couple of websites that there are proposals being floated around to end/modify this. I have 4 DUI's, have since changed my life since my son was born 4 years ago. I have completed an Associate's Degree and I am almost done with my Bachelor's of Science... I was stupid and thankfully never killed anyone, but this lifetime ban is a joke! I don't eve drink anymore. I thought by going to jail I paid my debt to society, boy was I wrong. My life is hell because I can't drive. Can't take my 4 year old anywhere to do anything... I NEED CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There is a proposal in the Illinois General Assembly to allow those who have been banned for life from driving to obtain some relief but it does not have widespread support at present. Until the law changes, it remains as is.


Unfortunately, the prospect of this law changing isn't positive.
Imagine what might happen to a politician if he or she supports such an amendment - any politician who floats this sort of bill, votes for this sort of bill or backs this sort of bill will be attacked by opponents as being soft of crime and soft on DUI. It could ruin their career.
That doesn't make it right, but considering that most politicians love being politicians, I wouldn't put all my hopes in a bill being passed anytime soon.


You think the lifetime ban is a joke. Think again. Illinois is currently attempting to revise the law and the method by which drivers obtain driving relief. It turns out that the legislature figured out that the adminstrative hearing section was kind of unnecessary because we could just put BAIID devices in ALL of the revoked drivers cars and the chances of them driving under the influence would be ZERO. That being said, this is Illinois (93 BILLION in Debt), we are not exactly a brain trust, if the problem gets fixed it will only be because some legislator's son falls into this category.

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