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Ii i didnt sign the birth certificate and paternity wasnt established can i still be charged child support?

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My ex had a child in 2002 i have never talked to this child, seen him, i dont even think he knows i exist. I never signed the birth certificate either. And paternity was never esablished. How is it that she can still ask for child support and full medical and dental coverage and yet im not on the birth certificate and i have never seen this child? I have almost 12000 dollars in back child support but iam not sure iam even the father. How is this legal? Is there a way that i can order DNA testing or terminate my rights to this child? Also if iam paying child support and medical and dental can i fight to see this child? Is her not letting me see him but asking for the child support and medical and dental illegal?

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Much depends on the timing of the conception and birth of this child in relation to any marriage to your ex. Also, it is possible that a court order was entered without proper notice to you. In order to get accurate answers to your questions, you should obtain a copy of the court order under which the child support is apparently ordered. Then you should retain legal assistance to analyze whether it was properly entered and can be set aside. If a paternity order was properly entered, you certain can file a related petition under the same case number to have your parental rights decreed. Whether DNA testing will be court-ordered at this late date is uncertain, and in order to proceed with DNA testing at your own expense, you will likely need a court order to compel the cooperation of the mother and child.

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