If your with someone who does weed and you don't do weed and you get caught by the cops could you go to jail ???????

Asked almost 2 years ago - Hollywood, FL

I was just wondering because if I'm around someone who does weed while they have weed on them and they get caught by the cops while I'm with them even though I don't do weed at all I want to know if I would go to jail as well ?????????????

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  1. Nick Jay Dorsten

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    Answered . Yes you can.

  2. Edward Joseph Chandler Jr.

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    Answered . I agree with the prior answers, but typically, the police arrest only the person who is in physical possession. There are exceptions, such as finding the drugs in a car and both persons are in proximity and neither admits it to being theirs.

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  3. Jonathan Hackworth


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    Answered . I agree with my colleagues, yes you can get in trouble.

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  4. Michael J. Nichols

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    Answered . Anyone can get arrested for almost anything. However, the key is whether your lawyer is willing to stand by you in court and help you assert your defense - whether that means a trial or successfully conviincing the prosecutor that you had nothing ot do with the crime being committed. Remember, under Michigan and Federal law, presence during the commission of a crime is not enough to make you a conspirator in the criminal act.

  5. Joshua Sachs

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    Answered . Could be arrested and possibly could be convicted, too. What would actually happen would depend very much on the details of the situation. And remember, it is not what actually happens that counts in court. It is what the judge (or maybe the jury) believes happened based on the evidence. And you won't know what they are going to think.

    So my question for you is, why take a chance?

  6. Brian Lee Michael Balaguera

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    Answered . It's possible police would arrest you depending on the circumstances. This is especially true if you are inside of a car with these individuals. If inside of a vehicle the police could charge you with constructive possession of Marijuana. The police could search the car based on smelling Marijuana, which has a very specific smell and is easy for law enforcement to detect, even without a drug sniffing dog. It is probably best to find new friends.

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