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If your mother and sister hack your FB profile to hide the fact that your brotherinlaw raped you, what should you do?

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My brotherinlaw raped me, I told both of my parents, a detective, and a lawyer. There was nothing anyone could do because a year after it happened, I reported it. I didn't have any proof. I messaged my sister and we discussed it on FB. My mother and sister hacked my profile and deleted the messages. I just don't know what to do anymore. I can't press charges because I don't have proof anymore because they deleted the proof that I had. He is around little kids. Just to be sure, the rape is reported and there was legally nothing that could be done. I am asking about the hacking.

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The time period does not act as a complete bar and often times rape cases are based upon one person's word as opposed to other evidence. There may be certain things about this case that make it unique. Unless the detective already told you why it was not being pursued, contact him and ask why.

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The time period and "lack or proof" are not considerations for your rape case. In PA you only need testimony of a victim believed beyond a reasonable doubt for a conviction. If you are serious about it, follow up with the detective or go to the special victims unit for help.

On the hacking issue, you will have to report it and see if the authorities are willing to prosecute.
On the hacking issue

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