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If your license is suspended by a court does the dmvs have to notify you.

Forsyth, GA |

I was pulled pver and arrested when i didnt know my license was suspended.

Does the court have to prove i knew my license was suspended to convict me of driving on suspended license?

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Not anymore. They used to have to notify for missing court, but no longer. If it was suspended from a DUI or possession of marijuana charge they don't have to notify you either.

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The State does not have to show that you actually "knew" that your license was suspended. All they have to show is a form of notice to you that your license was suspended. Some charges, such as a DUI or a drug related offense causes your license to be suspended by operation of law, and that imparts "constructive" notice onto you. You need to hire an attorney to help you through this case.

I am not your attorney nor is there an attorney-client relationship, even though I have answered your question here on

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As the others have so stated.

You should consult an Attorney that handles Traffic cases in the jurisdiction you received the citation to evaluate your options.

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The state has to show that you received "notice" that your license was suspended. This could be a form that you signed in court or a written notice that was sent to your address. Certain reasons for a license suspension don't require actual notice because the suspension happens as an operation of law. Examples of this type of suspension are - misdemeanor Marijuana or DUI convictions. Your question does not give the underlying reason that your license was suspended. I would advise you to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you in this matter.
Good Luck!!! George McCranie

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