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If you work in a iconic restaraunt and they tend to sweep all racism issues under the rug and majority of employees aretired of

Newburgh, NY |

We called opendoor for human resoures and nothings been done over a month and still things are goimg on can i get representation bcz its starting to make a very hostile work enviroment

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  1. You should talk to a competent lawyer specializing in the field. This may well be actionable, especially if you're able to establish that they routinely "sweep" these things under the rug.

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  2. It sounds like you should speak to an experienced employment attorney, get a free consultation and learn about all of your options.

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    You are very vague about the issues you are facing at your workplace so it is impossible to fully answer you question. I would recommend that you contact an attorney experienced in employment discrimination. If you do not know one, go to and search for one in your area.

    NELA is a nationwide association of employment discrimination attorneys and you should be able to find one in Newburgh. Most offer a free initial consultation so you have nothing to lose by contacting one to get good advice.

    Good luck,

  4. None of the attorneys willing to help here has any idea what you are referring to, so none of the advice can be of much use. Of course, as in any other aspect of life, if you think that unlawful conduct is occurring, you should consult with an attorney. There is never any reason not to do that.

    But bear in mind that HR is not there as a sounding board for the majority views of the workforce. It is there as a resource for the employer, to serve the interests of management. "Racism issues" covers a lot of territory, and the distinctions between lawful and unlawful conduct are most always in the details.

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