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If you sign as a buyer on a mobile home, and then separate, does the person who paid for it get it?

Edwardsville, IL |

My ex fiance and I bought a mobile home together. We both signed as buyers. He took the title to get transfered, he came back and told me that he transfered it to his name only because I was not there to sign additional paperwork. The title came back in was in his name only. I started doing some research and found out that he forged my name in order to gain sole ownership. I talked with a lawyer who told me that the mobile home is his because he paid for it. Is this true?

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Title to property most usually follows payment



We paid, she signed it, and we both signed as buyers


You asked this question twice. If your ex paid for the trailer, it is his.



I don't understand why that should matter, our money was pooled before and after buying the mobile home. we were engaged and having a child together. My name was on all of the bills, the lease to the mobile home park and the title to the trailor previous to forgery. I paid all of the bills and was the sole provider for our child and I still am.

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