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If you're on probation for a P.I, and receive a speeding ticket during this time, have you violated probation?

San Antonio, TX |

I got a P.I. in Texas. I pleaded no contest and was put on probation. During this time I received a speeding ticket. Did I violate probation? Will the PI show on my record now?

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A no contest plea has most of the same legal consequences for your record as a guilty plea. So unless some agreement was made that the charge would be dismissed upon completion of probation, it is probably on your record already.

The question of whether the speeding ticket will be considered as a violation of your probation depends on what terms the judge imposed. Most judges will not consider a minor traffic violation to be a violation of probation. But I have seen a few instances where a judge has said that he won't even tolerate minor traffic violations.

I am practiced to license in Utah, so this information may not be 100% applicable to Texas. But it is based on legal principles that are generally applicable across most jurisdictions. You should really consult with a local attorney to be sure.


If you are guilty and the ticket was received after entering probation, you are probably in violation.
To know for sure, you need to review the terms of the order of probation, which you might not even have received. Since the offense was not the same-alcohol or drug related-you probably are not facing revocation of your probation, but you have created a risk. You need an attorney to fight the ticket to at least get delay and maybe make it go away.


I agree with Mr. Beaty. A PI (public intoxication) is on the same level as a traffic offense. Generally, when you receive a class C probation, you are not allowed to get ANY type of offense. I know you were not given anything in writing, but you were probably told that you could not get any offenses.

(If you receive a probation for a greater offense - say a class B or A - they generally will not revoke for a traffic offense even though it does mean that you are violating the law.)

If the probation is revoked and you are found guilty, the PI will show on your record. It will not show to most people / companies who do local record checks, though, because they are usually checking for offenses Class B and above (which are usually at a different courthouse.)

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