If you're married 5 years, no kids, then divorce and then your spouse dies, are you entitled to any monies, ie. social security?

I'm just interested to know if I am entitled to any money. He cost me a lot!

Las Vegas, NV -

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Greta Muirhead

Greta Muirhead

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Las Vegas, NV

If your divorce decree awarded you an interest in his retirement benefits you may be entitled to something--like part of his pension or 401K--not social security. You should review your divorce decree. You should also make sure that you still aren't named as a beneficiary on any life insurance policies that he may have had.

Sometimes, people forget to rename a beneficiary after a divorce.

Carolyn Annette Elsey

Carolyn Annette Elsey

Family Law Attorney - Bonney Lake, WA

A divorce terminates all legal relationships between spouses, so you wouldn't get any death benefits (especially because you have no children together). While he may have cost you a lot, you do have your freedom.

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