If you`re convicted of a DUI do you have to take the DUI class no matter what to get your license back?

Asked over 2 years ago - Oakland, CA

I was convicted of 2 DUI`s in San Joaquin county 5 years ago when i was 19 years old. I have not been pulled over or received a driving citation since. I paid the $1500 in restitution. Would i have to take the 18 month DUI class to get my license back? Its been 5 years?

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    Answered . Yes, you will never be eligible for your California license unless and until you take the educational classes. You should go to your local office and ask them for the requirement to reinstate and with that you can get signed up for whatever program in your area.

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    Answered . In CA, yes the DMV requires you complete the SB38 (18 month) class in order to reinstate your license. Too bad you paid the restitution first, that is a judgment that the criminal court won't enforce. I've added a link to the list of class providers statewide. Find one in your county close to you and call them for an appointment.

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    Answered . I agree with all the above. Also, you may want to check if you have an outstanding warrant as the completion of the alcohol classes are routinely a condition of probation. I'm surprised you never had any issues with warrants or probation violations. Though, your probation is likely finished at this point since these occurred 5 years ago..

    However, you were only 19 at the time - were you charged with VC 23140 or 23136? Alcohol classes are generally not a condition of probation in these offenses.

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    Answered . Yes, regardless of the time that has passed, you will need to sign up for the alcohol class to get your license. If you go to the DMV, you may be eligible for a provisional license, allowing you to drive to school, work, home, etc.

    Good luck!

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    Answered . Each DMV has its own requirements but generally yes!

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    Answered . Yes. You can check with the DMV and see if you can get a provisional license once you start the classes.

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    Answered . Yes.

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