If you have no real assets, but a lot of debt, which california exemption system is best 1 or 2 for chapter 7

Asked about 2 years ago - Oakland, CA

Not sure which California exemption system to use1 or 2. The value of the few assets I have will be exempt.

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  1. Michael Raymond Daymude

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    Answered . You should retain bankruptcy counsel to help you with your petition and schedules. Otherwise, there is a substantial likelihood you will make a costly mistake. This is just the first of many questions you will have. The modest fee most attorneys charge for a simple Chapter 7 is well worth it.

    The exemption schedule you choose will depend on the nature and value of each asset. That being said, if you do not own real estate and therefore do not need to claim a substantial homestead exemption, generally the wildcard exemption provided in Code of Civil Procedure section 703.140(5) and the other exemptions provided in 703.140 provide the greatest protection of your assets.

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  2. Malcolm Wallace Ruthven

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    Answered . I don't use the "1" and "2" labels for the two California sets of exemptions because it's to easy to mix up those names since they don't refer to anything specific. I use the 703 and 704 labels, which refer to the sections of the California code that contain them. The 703 set is the one that contains the "wildcard" exemption of $23,250 that's available if you don't need to exempt a home (your situation). Use can use that $23,250 exemption for anything or any combination of things, including to add additional exemption amounts to specific exemptions like for your car so it's all exempted.

    As other answers have said, exemptions are a tricky subject, as is all of bankruptcy, and you'd be well advised to use an experienced bankruptcy attorney in your area.

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  3. Hermin A. Dowe

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    Answered . The fact that you are aware that there are two different exemptions available to you is a good start but as Mr. Raymude explained yu can still make very costly mistake by going this alone. If as you said you haveno real assets then the 703 exemption is your best choice.
    The important thing for you to consider is, what exactly are considered assets for bankruptcy purposes. You cannot afford to make a mistake when filing a Chapter 7 case.

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  4. Sanjay Sobti

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    Answered . The 703 "wildcard" exemption is likely your best choice if you do not have a large amount of equity in your home. The only reason you would need to know this is if you are filing this bankruptcy pro per which is very risky. Given the question you asked above, my advice would be to seek an attorney to prepare your petition to ensure it is done correctly in order to avoid being dismissed.

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