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If you have a negative balance in your account how long can a bank keep it open for after you request it be closed?

Woodridge, IL |

I unfortunately got involved in the payday loan roller coaster and was paying over $1000 a month in fees and loan paybacks. I was unable to live and take care of my family. I had requested BofA to stop payment on two of these loans,which they did. Three days later the transactions went through anyway causing a huge spiral of negative fees and returned transactions. I had asked them to close my account so I could pay it off and these payday loans would stop causing me to go even more negative. The bank told me no, the account would stay open for 4 months unless I paid them the money in full. All the while these payday loans were hitting my account causing more OD fees, and now I owe Bof A over $1200. Is there anyway to fight this since I requested the account to be closed long before?

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I believe the banking law allows 120 days, which is the four months you were told.

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