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If You Have A DUI probation with a prior theft of liquor on probation record, Would that mean that i cant go in a bar?

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3 year dui probation , pass conviction was mistameanor as well stealing liquor. changed my ways i don't even drink anymore, but i have friends i wanna hang out with. can anyone help me with my question? i just don't wanna get in trouble. In California Can you go to a bar while on probation? i've heard different answers maybe someone can help me out.

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  1. No you cannot go without permission from your PO. The alcohol terms of probation usually include that you stay away from premises that serve alcohol as their main business (as opposed to a restaurant).

    Why put yourself into harms way?? You are playing with fire and you know it. How long have you been clean and sober?? Are you in a program like AA? If not, why not? That would be a better use of your time than going to bars with people who are still drinking.

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  2. Generally, Alcohol or DUI probatiion has a term of not to possess or consume alcohol or illegal drugs. Check the specific terms of your probation to see if it specifically includes the prohibition to visit bars. If there is no such term check the general terms of your.probation. if there is no suvh prohibition then check with your PO. If PO says it is okay to visit bars but not to possess or consume alcohol. Then it is okay. However, make sure there is no alcohol within your lungable reach. Being with friends at a table at a bar places you at a high risk of violating the possession of alcohol prohibition. So be smart stay away from bars and be with friends who abstain from alcohol or illegal drugs.

    All the Best

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  3. As an attorney who ACTUALLY PRACTICES IN CALIFORNIA (Hey AVVO, why are you letting attorneys who don't practice in CA comment on CA law, hmmmm?) you should know depends. What do your probation papers say? In which state is your charge? In CA, most DUI probation includes a clause which, in essence, says no bars or liquoir stores - anyplace serviing or selling alcohol. You need to look closely at your paperwork to be sure. You can get it from any clerk's office, or if out of state, get it faxed or mailed to you at a nominal cost. If this doesn't answer your question feel free to contact me thru this site. Good luck.

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