If you do not wish to testify in a DV case and are the victim what can you do in teh state of Virginia

me and my ex who was then my fiance got into a arguement whcih ended in a tussling match envetually the police were called I never gave a police statement to all the events a witness at the scene gave some information and a warrant for A/B was taken out about two weeks later the charegs went to malicious wounding although I suffered no broken bones or needed stitches I have not spoken with the CW Attorney and have little knowledge however I dont feel it was a malicious act. What Can I Do?

Lynchburg, VA -

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Mary G. Commander

Mary G. Commander

Family Law Attorney - Norfolk, VA

The case is being prosecuted by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The victim is just a witness. If called to testify, a witness is required to testify truthfully, whether they want to or not.

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