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If you cant afford a attorney but need to file to get visitation rights with your child can you get a court appointed attorney??

Columbia, SC |

I havent been able to see my daughter for seven years. i can not afford a attorney, how am i supposed to be able to take him to court to be able to see her?

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There is no right to court-appointed attorneys for civil cases. You have several options:

1) Seek out legal aid services in your area. The organizations that provide these services are usually non-profits, which receive grants and donations to help provide low-income clients with legal services. These services may not be entirely free, but they'll be heavily subsidized and cost the client a lot less than a private attorney. The demand always far exceeds the resources available, so they have long waiting lists and can't help everyone. But they can be invaluable, and the attorneys who work at such places tend to really care about their mission. A simple Google search reveals one possible option for you at .

2) Make it a priority. Ask family for help; borrow a bit; hire an attorney in private practice. If you're going through litigation, it's likely a big moment in your life - like buying a house, I always say - it's over something important. It's worth spending some resources and making some sacrifices, if the subject is a priority for you.

3) In theory you can represent yourself, but this is usually a very bad idea. You'll be held to the same standard of performance as an attorney.

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Graves H. Wilson Jr.

Graves H. Wilson Jr.


Mr. Bodzin is correct with his assessment. There are many good family court attorneys in Richland and Lexington Counties. Call around. You may be able to find one who will assist you at an affordable rate.

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