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If you call a person bad names alot can they press charges against you?

Liberty, MO |
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i was drunk and just calling her bad names. and in the past i have called her bad names over texts etc. but she doesnt want to press charges only her parents. were 19 years old.

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With certain exceptions, you have a first amendment right to call people whatever name you want, even if it is profane. That said, you may not harrass or threaten immediate bodily harm to a person. Based solely on your short post, I would be surprised if a prosecutor picked up these charges.

Jeremy Hollingshead
Ward, Hollingshead & Eccher

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This depends on a number of facts not mentioned here. Do not mention your facts on a public website in any event. If you have an order of protection against you that says you are not to have contact with this person, then that would a violation of the order of protection, which is a criminal offense.

Calling someone bad names in and of itself, to my knowledge, is not a criminal offense.

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There are a few ways you can get in trouble for this. The police could arrest you for, and you could ulimately be charged with harrassment, stalking, peace disturbance, or if there is a protective order in place, a violation of the protective order. The police/prosecutors do not necessarily need the girl's cooperation to go forward with charges if they are able to find other evidence of the crimes. This could include her cell phone records and the testimony of her parents and others. I would proceed very cautiously. It is probably best that you consult an attorney.

The choice of an attorney is an important decision and should not be based on advertisements alone. This response does not create an attorney-client relationship; and this answer does not constitute legal advice. You must discuss the specific facts of your case in detail with an attorney.

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