If you are making child support payments what should you expect from a show cause hearing?

Asked about 2 years ago - Stevensville, MI

My boyfriend went to trucking school from September to the middle of October. During this time he was not making money so he was not making child support payments. He started having the child support payments taken out of his check in November. He owes his ex $900 in back child support. His support is only $70 a month. He has been paying about 15 to 30 dollars a week. So since he has been working he has been paying the $70 a month and then some. In the letter it was threatening his drivers license which would also take away his income since he is a truck driver. His whole checks right now are going to pay off the schooling, towards tolls, food and child support. So he will not have any cash on hand when we go to court. Any money he would have would come from me. What should I expect?

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    Answered . How child support arrearages are handled varies from county to county. Your boyfriend should plan on having proofs with him regarding his recent employment history and a plan to present to the Friend of the Court for repayment of the arrearage. Generally, as long as he is working and paying, the outcome should be satisfactory. However, it is a legal proceeding, and he would do well to consult with and retain a local family law attorney familiar with the Friend of the Court and able to assist him in working out a payment plan.

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  2. Answered . You should expect that in addition to your boyfriend continuing to pay the court ordered child support, he will also be court ordered to pay an amount certain each month toward his arrearage just as you say he has been paying extra since he became employed. He is being proactive which is good and should help his case.

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    Answered . If he's been trying in good faith to pay down arrears the court will likely be sympathetic and put him on a payment plan.

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