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If you are discharge from bankruptcy court and the trustee reopen your case and sue you for attorney fees is it a valid claim

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can they can take your settlement even though you are discharge from the court and can the trustee attorney claim 15% of your total settlement or just that amount of what the attorney fee was that was not paid.even though they did not pay all your creditors which added up to be the same amount of attorney fees and the monies were paid in

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Although you didn't say so directly, it sounds like you may have failed to include in your bankruptcy filing a claim against someone that settled and for which you received money after your bankruptcy case was closed. If that's what happened, the trustee may have the right to that money to pay creditors. But it's impossible to say more without knowing more facts. You need to ask your bankruptcy attorney, or if you did not use one then retain one now.

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You should talk to your attorney about the issue. Cases can be reopened if you did not include a pending injury claim in your bankruptcy.

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