If you are already put on the DS rollback list for the Air Force can you go to IG to help you get off.

Asked about 1 year ago - Las Vegas, NV

I have only been operational for 4 months and I'm currently 5 months pregnant. I received an Article 15 for going out of town one weekend and not being able to return for work so my supervisor said I was AWOL. I also received 2 LOR and 1 LOC all in a 2 day period. One LOR that was given wrongfully. I just don't think I was given the proper tools to make it in the Air Force. All of my supervisor prior troops are no longer on the Air Force due to the stress and being given paperwork that wasn't right.

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  1. Kelvin P. Green

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    Answered . I have to tell you I have been in the military for 33 years and have no idea what a DS rollback list is... Maybe it's an Air Force thing..
    You can file an IG complaint... But sounds like you need an attorney ...

    I would offer some advice as a career officer. Stop looking for excuses. The AF did not give you the proper tools too exceed? Really? That's what basic is for. Look at learning your job and doing it well dont know what you did to get 2 letter of reprimands and a counseling but some of this is on you. You do have a chain of command, the chaplains may be able to help you focus or re focus...you can be successful in the military if you want to be...

    If you keep on the destructive pathway you are on you will end up with an unfavorable discharge and a loss of benefits

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  2. William Emil Cassara


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    Answered . The IG cannot help you "get off." That isn't their job. Even if they do an investigation and find in your favor, they can't force the command to do anything. You either need to use the ADC on base, or consider retaining private counsel if you are attempting to fight your discharge.

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  3. John Daniel Hafemann

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    Answered . You need to consult an experienced military law attorney. I would have to know more about your specific circumstances, but it may be possible to request a discharge based on your pregnancy. Additional information is available on my website. I would be happy to discuss your situation with you. The consultation is confidential and offered at no cost. Best of luck.

  4. Matthew Scott James

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    Answered . If you are on the DOS rollback, it is a personnel issue. It is NOT a discharge like an administrative separation. Typically, AFPC sends down a list of people that are eligible for early separation. Your commander must take action to put you on or take you off the list. After that, your date of separation is “rolled back” to the date they gave you. This means you would separate with an honorable discharge.

    If you have specific questions, I would talk to your ADC or a civilian military lawyer. You can always go to the IG, but it is unlikely they will do what you want them to do. If you already have an Article 15 and several LORs, then a DOS rollback would be a much better outcome than an administrative separation for misconduct.

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