If you are a US citizen and got married in Mexico to a Mexican citizen What is required to be done with Marriage License ?

Need to know before I return to the United States What has do be done with these things to make them Legal documents to get spouse to America

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Alena Shautsova

Alena Shautsova

Immigration Attorney - Brooklyn, NY

Whatever marriage certificate they give you guys, you need to have it translated into English before you file the documents with the USCIS. Good luck!

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Michael Hugh Carlin

Michael Hugh Carlin

Immigration Attorney - Ann Arbor, MI

You need to have the original or certified copy of the marriage certificate. Once you return to the United States, you should work with an immigration attorney to file the necessary documents and forms to begin the process to help your spouse to apply for permanent resident (green card) status in the United States.

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Dean P Murray

Dean P Murray

Immigration Attorney - Hoboken, NJ

I would strongly suggest consulating an immigration lawyer to assist you with this process. You don't want your spouse to be the guinea pig of a non-lawyer attempting to practice immigration law, which is very complex. Find a lawyer whom you like and trust. Good luck to you.
Dean P. Murray
The Murray Law Firm
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Robert Louis Brown

Robert Louis Brown

Immigration Attorney - Cleveland, OH

please make sure the marriage is properly registered with the local government office. Bring one or more original/certified copies with you to the United States.

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