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If we took 2 phones from someone that were already stolen can we get charged with robbery?

Atlanta, GA |

we were at mcdonalds and someone tried to sell us iphones and we rode off with them can we be charged with robbery?

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  1. Theft, not robbery

  2. Yes, if you took them off the person or took it from their immediate presence.

  3. I think your posting of details about a crime that apparently hasn't been charged yet is really uncool. In any event, whether robbery would be an appropriate charge would depend on a more detailed analysis of the facts surrounding the taking of the phones. Short answer is that it's possible. You understand my advice? Don't post anything more anywhere on the Internet (includes Facebook), and don't talk to anyone about this unless that person is an attorney.

  4. Absolutely you can be charged. You are facing a number of charges from doing something like this.

  5. If you snatched them from this person, you could be charged with robbery. Otherwise, you could be charged with theft by taking. If they are stolen phones, you could also be charged with theft by receiving.

  6. Rather than plaster "we did" on a public forum like this, a better question may have been "I may be accused of robbery. I need to speak to an attorney privately about this."

    Nothing is private on the Internet.

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  7. Yes you can be charged. Were they at least "super-sized"?

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