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If u have a case which invoves a victim and the victim does not show to court can u still be charged with the crime ot is it no

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there was also a kid present that the crime was reported

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You have not provided sufficient information here for an attorney using this forum to answer your question.

If you have an attorney assisting you with this matter, address your question to that person. If you do not have an attorney, consider retaining one.


I agree with Mr. Blair. There are many different scenarios that could exist here. Without knowing more information, we would be guessing. Contact an attorney in your area through and they will be able to assist you.


How is the kid? Does the alleged victim want to testify? What status is the case, at the beginning hearing called pre trial conferences or at trial (jury or bench). These are the things that you need to talk to an attorney about IN HIS/HER OFFICE not on the internet. Good luck Talk with a local attorney today.


Of course you can still be charged. The victim has no duty to show up to court unless called to testify, which wouldn't happen until way after you've been charged. Whether or not you can be CONVICTED of the crime you were charged with is a different matter. The state needs to be able to prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt and if they can't do that without the victim, then possibly you could avoid conviction, if there is no other evidence against you. A child who witnessed the assault, could potentially provide evidence against you.

Also be aware that you could face an additional charge for a DV assault that occurs in front of a child.

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