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If two people own a trailer can one person sell their half to someone else ,not the other owner

Harrison, MI |

two of us bought a trailer together and one moved out on th8 of august then want to sell her half to a person other than one on tile or lease

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More than likely it is jointly titled, meaning there is no "half" to sell. It is an undivided interest, meaning you both have the same rights to the property as a whole. Not a great deal for a buyer.

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yes we both are no tile ,and yes this was very help ty

Lisa Kaye Deselms Dent

Lisa Kaye Deselms Dent


I should add that mobile homes, if that is the type of trailer we are talking about - you mentioned someone moving- are treated in some cases as personal property and in others as real property. This will depend on your state laws. If your coowner sells his "half" it could sever the joint tenancy and create a tenants in common situation. However, this is also not a great bargain. Half ownership in an item which depreciates in value quickly and which is occupied by a stranger is not a real bargain at any price.-

James P. Frederick

James P. Frederick


They are treated as motor vehicles in Michigan. There is a certificate of title through the Secretary of State.


More facts are needed. We would have to examine the lease and title. Best of luck - Reese Serra

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