If two parties have signed a rental lease contract can one of the parties get out of the contract?

My 35 year old son and his girlfriend signed a year lease on an apartment. The relationship is becoming a nightmare. After talking to my son moments ago he told me she continues to be angry at him, tells him to get out of the house or she threatens to call the police, and for the last three nights he has been living in his car. My son is a good person; this situation is an emotional upheaval, and has to be resolved. I think the best thing for him to do at this point is to physically move out, but he cannot afford rent on two places. Do you have any legal advice that could help him?

Flagstaff, AZ -

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Michael Thomas Poulton

Michael Thomas Poulton

Litigation Lawyer - Phoenix, AZ

The landlord is not required to let him out of the lease unless he is a victim of domestic violence. If she is violent towards him, he can unilaterally terminate the lease by providing written notice to the landlord along with either a protective order against his girlfriend, or a police report documenting an instance of domestic violence against him.

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