If there is no legal custody agreement and a family member has had your children for 2yrs does that make you an unfit parent?

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i asked a family member to take care of my children un'till i was able to get on my feet again i remained present in there lives i had them as often as possible. I'm now able to have them back full time I'm afraid she is going to fight me for custody and I'm unaware of what legal grounds she has. i would like to know how to go about this or if i even need to worry about it at all.

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    Answered . It depends on the circumstances. What have both of you been doing for the past 2 years? The factors in Chapter 61.13(3)(a)through(t) will come into play to determine who is "most fit."

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    Answered . Well first of all -- if there is no court order granting temporary custody to this family member they do not have any rights to keep your child. You can take the child at any point. I am assuming a temporary custody order was never entered, that DCF was never involved, etc?

    As far as future legal action or whether you are an unfit parent, more information is needed but nothing will come of it if no legal action is taken.

    If legal actions arises, I would recommend consulting with an attorney in your area to discuss further. Many great attorneys can be found here on Avvo and offer free consultations.

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    Answered . You need to talk to a family law attorney as soon as possible. Ideally, it would have been best if you had some sort of agreement in place prior to the separation. But what's done is done, and anyway people generally do not think of those things when they are in the situation you apparently were in. I agree with Mr. Rosenfelt that the Court will look at a variety of factors to determine who is most fit. Having the child in the care of a relative could be a factor that could go either way as far as who is favored by that fact. I would recommend talking to a family law attorney as soon as possible about this. Good luck!

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