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If the victim drop all charges on the defendent, what will happen to the case?

Warner Robins, GA |


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What happens to a criminal case when a victim does not want to proceed depends in large part on the prosecuting attorney. In most cases, the State wants and needs that witness' cooperation to properly prosecute their case. Without this person, the case usually crumbles and is dropped. However, the State may not need this particular witness due to some other evidence that sufficiently links the defendant to the crime. In my experience, whether a prosecutor wants to move forward with uncooperative victims depends on the severity of the crime. Simple shop lifting will probably be dropped, but armed robbery might move forward.

Crossing your fingers for the case to be dropped is not the best course of action, however. An attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor for you and impress upon them the hassle of trying a case with a victim who does not feel trial is necessary. Furthermore, how the State handles the disposition of your case may show up on your record. I urge you to call a local attorney as soon as possible to start working for you.

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