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If the police find fingerprints or dna on plastic bags with drugs inside outside your home.are you responsible for the drugs?

Tampa, FL |

but you were not home and may have touched the bags when they were empty prior to this day.

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You need to speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Your's is a factual matter that will ultimately be determined by a Jury at trial, unless a lawyer can convince the DA that you did not really possess the contents of those baggies.

Speak to a lawyer right away.

Good luck.

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There are case law opinions in Florida on similar fact patterns to this. Whether or not you are charged, prosecuted and convicted would depend upon all the evidence and the decisions of the police, prosecutor, jury and judge. However, without something more as evidence that you had possession of the bags while the drugs were in them and that you knew that there were drugs in the bad, it would be tough for a prosecutor to present proof beyond and to the exclusion of any reasonable doubt. Best not to get into the situation in the first place and stay away from any illegal drugs.

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