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If the other person has two witnesses and filed in the report that i ran the stop sign, will i be found at fault?

Birmingham, AL |

I was at a stop sign, and then saw no car coming from the left and right....and a lady hit me from behind knocking my bumper completely off and set me skidding a yard or two. The car is not damaged, just need a new bumper. Clearly, in AL, since she hit me from behind, she should be found at fault. But the thing is that she has two witnesses and is claiming that i ran the stop sign. The the thing is that I had already made it 3/4 of the left turn, so what i think happened is that she was on the phone or something and swerved into the turn left only lane that was to the left of me as well and then hit me. What I am wondering is how her claim that i ran the stop sign and the 2 witnesses will affect my insurance company deeming the accident my fault? And most importantly if i would need to see

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I would suggest making certain that your insurance company knows the facts and circumstances of the case. Also, follow up with the police officer and make sure the report has all of the facts straight.

Scott B. Cooper

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