If the law is the same no matter what, how can one be a better lawyer over another?

Ok, the law codes are the same, but how does one lawyer say, this lawyer is the BEST, or is better than I? Just asking I got refereed to another lawyer.....

New Orleans, LA -

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Scott G Wolfe JR

Scott G Wolfe JR

Construction / Development Lawyer - New Orleans, LA

Unfortunately, the law is not black and white, and unfortunately, it's not that simple. Plus, just like any service provider, some are just plain better than others.

Think of doctors. Medicane is the same everywhere, but some doctors are better than others.

Think of math teachers. Math is math, but some are just better than others at what they do. Some work harder. Some care more. Etc.

Good luck.

Bryan Grant Jeansonne

Bryan Grant Jeansonne

Business Attorney - Baton Rouge, LA

Mr. Wolfe is correct. Also, the law is a people business and sometimes a lawyer may be very good, but you may not like him/her. Sometimes is not just about the legal skills, but whose personality, style and strategies you like better.

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