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If the ime doctor feels no surgery is needed what is the next step

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How does settling a case work

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  1. Request a hearing before the Board to have a judge order the insurance company to pay for the surgery.

  2. It sound like you don't have a lawyer. Get one, or you will be taken advantage of, in my opinion.

    Good luck!

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  3. The other two lawyer repo see are correct. You need to have a hearing and you do eedto have an attorney to represent you. Please feel free if you do not have an attorney to give my office a call at 404-636-6616 if you would like to discuss the matter further.

  4. To settle a case, you and the company/insurer have to come to an agreement, simple as that. What is not simple is getting the other side to agree to pay you what you think the case is worth. Without an attorney, it will be difficult for you to come to an accurate value of the case, and you may find that the other side has no incentive to pay you anything. If the doctor feels surgery is not needed, do you? Is there an alternative to surgery he is recommending? Do you want a second opinion? Are you permanently disabled because surgery just will not repair your injury? Just settling is easy. I am sure they would pay you a dollar to go away tomorrow. A good settlement will require an attorney, and the attorney will take a percentage which should be factored into the settlement. At the very least, go and see a comp attorney and get some advise, and insure that you are not making statements or missteps which could hurt the value of your case.

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  5. Get your attorney to get you your own IME opinion to see if he/she agrees with your treating doctor. File a hearing request to get the surgery approved if the adjuster still denies it.

  6. If you are currently represented, then this is a scenario you need to discuss with your current attorney. If you are not currently represented, then you need to consult an experienced Georgia workers' compensation attorney immediately to discuss your possible courses of action. The Georgia Workers' Compensation Act does allow for the parties to settle workers' compensation claims, and the vast majority of claims in Georgia do settle at some point during the life of the claim, but any recommendations or specific courses of action with respect to your claim should be discussed with an attorney who can fully evaluate all of the unique facts of your claim.