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If the government passed a law that stating Internet sales have to collect sales tax and sellers don't what would happen?

Graham, WA |

I read there might be a new requirement for sellers on the INTERNET must collect and pay sales tax on items. If this happens and ALL of the sellers perform a STRIKE and refuse to ask for it and do not act on this law what can happen? I am appalled the government is so hard up for more money they have to act deparately in getting it. Maybe, WE THE PEOPLE and LAWYERS need to STAND UP for the people and make those bureaucrats get a real job so WE THE PEOPLE dont have to keep paying the big Bull S(*&TTER big bucks for pushin paper the wrong way. I still say labor paid Semi Truckers need to lock up the interstates and demand fuel prices drop to 1.25 a gallon and remove the excess politicians from their un needed seats so we can focus on keeping America safe and sound.

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  1. If you fail to collect and pay taxes that you are legally required to pay, not only will you be liable for the amount of the taxes, but you will face additional penalties and interest for failing to pay on time. The taxing agency/body may issue tax warrants and/or liens against you. If this happens, they will have the ability to pursue collection of the unpaid amounts due. Tools that they may use to collect against you include, but are not limited to garnishment of wages, garnishment of bank accounts, seizure and sale of property, etc... In short, it is probably best to pay your taxes, whether you agree with them or not.

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  2. Not sure if there is an internet sales tax in your state, but there are in many states already.

    FWIW, setting artificial fuel prices is a socialist approach to economic management that would required additional taxes from somewhere else to make up the subsidy.

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  3. If there is a tax law that someone refuses to follow, then the normal rules are available to the state and to the federal government to enforce collection. If you wish to stage a tax protest lots of luck. You will need more than luck; you will need a miracle.

  4. I recommend Avalara to my clients to address their sales tax needs.

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  5. If you want to protest this proposed legislation, then now is the time - not after it is enacted. Write you senators and representatives. Tell them you don't want a law that forces out of state (remote) vendors to have use tax collection responsibilities. It is technically not a sales tax that they are proposing these remote vendors collect, it is a use tax.

    Honestly - the taxes are already due. The proposed law just put collection responsibility on remote vendors. The in state purchasers are responsible for remitting the use tax now.

    To answer your question - it would not be pretty if vendors decided to ingore the fedeal law in protest. Very likely it would turn into personal liability for the busienss owners. For example, Florida has a 200% penalty imposed on owners, officers, and directors for their company's failure to pay the sales and use tax liabilities of their company. It gets enforced in Florida and the result is never pretty.

  6. If you purchase an item on the internet and the seller does not collect Sales tax, then you are obligated to self report the purchase to the Washington Department of Revenue and pay Use tax. The same rules have always applied if you buy goods in Oregon and bring them back to Washington.

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