If the father is causing emotional distress on the kids and making them lie and ignoring them when they are their can I fight ?

Asked 11 months ago - Mount Clemens, MI

My ex blows off our kids for going out or taking his girlfriends kids who doesn't even have custody other own kids and also brings them to his other girlfriends house and makes them sleep on her floor while he's in the bedroom with her and then tells them to lie to his other girlfriend who he lives with never let's them take bday or Xmas gifts home lies t them about buying them coats they are super upset I cannot afford an attorney but there more to this story unfortunately help please I can't keep sending them over thence

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  1. David B. Carter Jr.


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    Answered . You need to collect your evidence and once you have enough file a motion for a modification.

  2. Neil M. Colman


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    Answered . These are issues to be presented in the form of a motion seeking modification of whatever parenting time order might exist. You can go to the FOC and pick up a packet for a motion relating to your case (it's a form type document with instructions that you fill out). Once the document has been completed it must be filed in accordance with the instructions and a $60 filing fee paid. Unfortunately, there is far more to the procedure than can be explained in this forum, and it would better serve you to have representation from a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney. This is not a simple procedure and your failure to file and serve the paperwork properly, will result in further delay with the court not being able to hear the matter until everything is done properly. Remember, the court and court personnel are unable to help you fill in the documents or give you advice, as to do so would be contrary to the law prohibiting this assistance.

    Neil M. Colman

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  3. John F. Brennan

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    Answered . You have to honor the court's order until it is changed. Sorry. His actions and example to the children is despicable, and will be taken into account by the court. Sadly, without all of the details it is impossible to predict the court's decision except that if you chose the disobey its order that will be detrimental to your position. Gather evidence, save your money and confer with an attorney. Your chances of prevailing without one are remote.

    To the PROSPECTIVE client, please call myself or another attorney for your choice with more detaiils and an... more

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