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If the da offers 25 years can the da change it to life in prison

Arlington, TX |

The da is out to get my friend because of personal reasons

Attorney Answers 3

  1. If there is an issue with the DA, perhaps your friends lawyer can get an offer from the judge.

  2. Yes, if the defendant doesn't accept an offer the DA can withdraw it, and make a higher offer. However, if the DA's offer is life, there's nothing to lose in going before the judge without a recommendation.

  3. Without knowing more that we can get into on avvo, I cannot comment on the issue of "personal reasons". I suggest that your friend needs to discuss that with his or her attorney.

    As far as the authority to change a plea offer from 25 years to life, as a practical matter, a prosecutor has the power to change the offer until it is accepted and done in court.

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