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If the cited violation is for preferential parking, but in fact it should have been for no parking, is the ticket still valid?

Los Angeles, CA |

I was provided a parking violation at 10:32pm in which the cited violation 8058L (preferential parking) does not apply on the street. In fact, there was no sign in regards to that violation. However upon further inspection, I saw a No Parking sign from 6pm-8am. Given that the said violation is incorrect, does this warrant a dismissal of the ticket. My argument is that a ticket is only valid if all reasonable details are correct (so a wrong color but correct plate and vin does not count), but if the cited violation does not exist, then how is this a valid/complete ticket? I am not violating what I am said to be violating.

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  1. The violation exists if it is the correct plate number. I do not understand how you did not violate the restrictions .

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