If stopped for a routine traffic violation, how quickly must I produce my license/registration/insurance documents?

I was stopped for an alleged speeding violation and asked for the usual documents. I had moved my license from my wallet to another place and it took me a few moments to find it. In the meantime, the officer indicated that it was not a big deal, and while writing up the moving violation he wrote up a warning note for not having my license...even though I tried to show it to him when he returned to my car with the ticket, saying that it didn't matter. Is this a normal traffic stop activity in Texas?

Colleyville, TX -

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Monetta Elaine Burgess

Monetta Elaine Burgess

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - San Antonio, TX

I have seen this often with various clients I have dealt with in the past. You were fortunate he only wrote you a warning. I have seen clients written up for no insurance citations when they couldn't locate the document fast enough. Sometmes they would have the proof of insurance in hand as the officer hands them the no insurance ticket and they would be told the same thing as you we told. The downside comes when they appear in court to have the citation dismissed and are told it will be a $20 dismissal fee, when the citation could have been completely avoided if the officer had taken the time to wait on the proof.

You are not alone.

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