If spouse is falsely claiming D. V. for threats and he is guilty of defrauding me for a green card, can I send it to immigration

what I mean is the final outcome of the denial of the hearing where I am found not guilty of his accusations just to show the immigration that he is intentionally trying to get a R. O. on me which has no basis so that they will see that he is trying to file for V A W A the last minute but the D V was denied. The fact that my family and I are reporting him for fraud, plus this R. O. I am sure that will show the immigration that if there are no basis and he claims D V then it proves his fraud..that he will try to do anything to get his green card conditional status removed because of my divorce. He abandoned the marriage immediately after his conditional status and basically has nothing to show to proof that he entered this marriage in good faith so I think this R O was his last chance

Los Angeles, CA -

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Alena Shautsova

Alena Shautsova

Immigration Attorney - Brooklyn, NY

I believe you first need to present your arguments in Family or Criminal court, depending where the RO was filed. As far as his immigration case, he will probably not succeed if it is based on one RO application if it's not granted....

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Ann Elizabeth Block

Ann Elizabeth Block

Immigration Attorney - Davis, CA

I agree with the other attorneys answering your question.

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