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If something the judge said in court is not in writing in the order does it matter

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The judge ordered a temporary time sharing plan and said the kids were to stay in a certain school . Much has changed since then and the kids are no longer allowed near the house they were staying at a few days a week and I basically have the kids all the time and need to put them in the school I am zoned for because it is not just one morning and two afternoons but 5 days a week and there Dad is not helping take them or pick them up ! The school board says they are going to give to temporary guardianship since I have a pending modification of parenting plan going on ! I am just wondering if I can switch schools even if the judge said but didn't put it in writing for them to stay at certain school before I put in for modification

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The oral pronouncement of the judge is a valid court order. Purposely failing to abide by a court order "could" result in contempt of court. Enforcing a court order that didn't make it into writing may be difficult for obvious reasons. You should seek a modification to be safe.



I already have a modification pending and it will final at the end of march . But for now the school board said they would give me temporary guardenship because the mod is pending


Do not disobey the court's order, the consequence could be severe, the better thing is to go in for a modification and explain your situation to the judge. You may also want to get a supportive letter from the school staff. If you do it on your own you risk contempt charges, including possible loss of custody and a fine?

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See a local lawyer. you may be able to seek an ex parte temporary order pending modification hearing, so the kids can go to the proper school.

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