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If someone takes a voice lie detector test . do they have the right to see the results? no me someone else

Homosassa, FL |

it when due to my son being burned. look back time to time when u ask for more info.

it was proven that my son burned him self, my son is 3. it was the grandma who took the test.

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    Neither you nor someone else are / is required to cooperate with the police and, if you or someone else chooses to do so, then that choice is made at your or someone else's potential peril. Rest assured that it (your cooperation) will be a one way street, their way (not yours or someone else's), and neither you nor someone else will enjoy any right or privilege - except that of having your cooperation used against you in one way or another. (Just because the voice stress test - a nonsense / BS alleged "science" - is inadmissible in court does not mean that the police cannot use it against you - or someone else - in some other fashion, such as when calculating probable cause.)

    It is almost never a good idea to cooperate with law enforcement without having a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer at your side, looking out for your interests and protecting you from those who's duty it is to "serve and protect". The cops want to make arrests and close cases. You, or someone else, can easily help them along their way if you do not have a criminal defense lawyer at your side.

    I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.

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  2. It is called a voice stress analysis test. His attorney would have access to any results, but they are inadmissible in court.