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If someone leaves something at your house how long do you have to keep it before you can legally get rid of it?

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My Ex Girlfriend left some junk at my house early May 2010 and she wont come and get it but threatens to call the police if i get rid of it so how long do i have to keep it before I can legally get rid of it?? its now july around two months after she left it and she makes excuse after excuse of why she cant come get it

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Depending on what the "junk" is, why not box it up and mail it to her or send it through one of the parcel delivery services. The cost might be worth it to terminate the headache.

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An attorney said to send it or ship it to her. This is good advice if you know where she lives. Get proof of delivery from the shipper. No attorney will dare tell you to throw it out as garbage because you could face liability. If you dispose of it, please take photographs for your records. You should photograph the property even if you ship it to her. You should also get statements from any witnesses that are familiar with the condition of the property in case she sues you. It sounds like she wants to be a jerk about this so be careful. Also, you should contact a local attorney regarding the notification requirements to her. The idea is that you want to avoid liability. She could claim high values on property which is otherwise worthless if you don't document the property and all of your steps to notify her. TAKE PICTURES AND GET WITNESS STATEMENTS AND WATCH OUT.

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