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If someone is trying to serve you with a civil summons will the courthouse have a record of it

Flat Rock, MI |

I called the company trying to serve me to find out the court date because my mother refused the paper at her address. They told me they didn't have to tell me so I called the city courthouse in which my mother lives and they said they have no record of a summons I called the city courthouse in which the company said they filed the papers and they said they have no record either how do i find out if there is a court date

Attorney Answers 2

  1. All lawsuits have to be filed in a court or they are not "actual" lawsuits. The company you are dealing with may be using the false threat of a lawsuit pending to scare you or your mother to give them money. IF this is the case, they are violating the FDCPA and you are entitled to damages.

  2. Call the courthouse where you live. This can be either the District Court, or for larger amounts of money, the Circuit Court for the county you live in. In some circumstance, it could even be the County probate court. You can go here to see if your court has records on line:

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