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If someone is talking really ugly about you on face book can you do any think about it.

Lindale, TX |

Someone I use to work with is saying really ugly things about myself and other co-workers on face book. She actually used one of my co-workers name in her post. Accusing her of abusing prescription drugs and insinuating that she has offered her drugs and 4 other people. She has called myself, co-worker and my direct boss the b word, fat A's, nappy head, fake boobs, and several other ugly things. Her mother is the boss over all of us so it is difficult for us to do any thing about this we could loss our jobs. This is not only hurtful but it could cause our place of employment to lose clients. What can we do about this?

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to start, file a complaint with FB about her harassment, bullying and inappropriate content. Also, what is the relationship like between you, your direct boss and the person's mother who is "boss over all of [you]". Since you say she is a former co-worker, and if she was terminated, but even if not, consideration should be given to printing the postings and showing it to the mother. - with all parties approaching her together. If she is a true professional, she will not be happy with her daughter's conduct and the negative affect it can have on the mother's work environment. A final consideration is retaining a local attorney to send her a "cease and desist" letter.

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Report the abuse to FB.

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Report it to Facebook and unfriend them.

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