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If someone in jail was charged with murder and person says it was in self defense how does that person has the charges dropped?

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he was currently appointed a public defender and are we are not able to talk to him for the order of no contact we found out about yesterday at the 1st court date. we are looking for attorneys that offer financial assistance and not sure what to look for in a attorney. will the public defender give information & talk to the people listed on the no contact list as well?

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    The public defender may communicate with persons on the "no contact" list.

    Joshua Sabert Lowther, Esq.

  2. The public defender will talk to his client, and any other persons the client gives him permission to talk to.


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  3. Post is a bit confusing.
    As to the headline question, the mere assertion of self defense by the defendant does not result in charges beng dismissed. That is an affirmitive defense requiring proof. Probably requires a trial.
    NO contact order?? Never heard of such a thing applied to an attorney.
    I would expect that the "someoe's" attorney would speak with whomever he or she thought necessary to properly investigate the case.

    The above is not intended as legal advice. The response does not constitute the creation of an attorney client relationship as this forum does not provide for a confidential communication.

  4. What you are referring to in your headline question is called an affirmative defense. An affirmative defense is used by a defendant when he or she does not deny committing the alleged act, but believes that there was a legitimate, legal reason that he or she committed the act (for example by acting in self-defense). Affirmative defenses are required to be plead differently in different states and the defendant's public defender will be the best source of information of precisely how such a defense will work in the defendant's case.

    It is always difficult to grasp the full extent of any legal issue from a brief introduction to a limited set of facts. If you are experiencing a situation that needs legal attention it is always best to set up a consultation with an attorney and go over the facts in greater detail. If you decide to enter into a professional relationship with an attorney hours of research will go into analyzing your case, so please do not expect that anything posted here should be relied upon without substantial further review.

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