If someone goes to the DOJ as a whistleblower on a criminal issues and later learn there is a civil component...

but they have not been harmed directly does that qualify as a whistleblower for a potential award of some kind. The government has not been damaged however creditors in a bankruptcy case have. Who do I go to about this.

New York, NY -

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Russell E. Adler

Russell E. Adler

Employment / Labor Attorney - New York, NY

Your question is a bit unclear. Are you saying you are a whistleblower for a criminal issue and a civil case was later brought against the company or that you raised a criminal issue and there is some civil liability as well? There are numerous whistleblower laws and it's not clear what the nature of the issue is, so it is hard to answer your question. Please add more detail regarding the entity at issue, the nature of the complaint (without identifying the parties of course) etc.

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Vincent Peter White

Vincent Peter White

Employment / Labor Attorney - Jackson Heights, NY

I am sorry, we would need more information to provide you a proper answer. As a general rule, if you were not harmed then it is unlikely you could recover. That being said, contact an experienced employment attorney.

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