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If someone admitted to the crime that was a witness can they still say the the person on trial is guilty

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The girl admitted to hitting the other girl in court and still found the dude guilty

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  1. Talk with his attorney who would have inside information on the entire case. There may be things that you just are not aware of.

  2. They can unfortunately say whatever they want on the witness stand. Although witnesses swear to tell the truth, sometimes they do not do so. However, if she is telling different stories, an experienced attorney should be able to expose her inconsistent statements and any possible motives she has to fabricate her in court testimony and then explain to the judge or jury (whomever the factfinder is) that her testimony is not credible and should not be believed.

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  3. The simple answer is yes. The finder of fact, either a jury or judge who hears the case without a jury, is free to believe or disbelieve whatever testimony it wants to. If the"dude: was found guilty of a summary offense by an MDJ, there is a thirty day period in which to file an appeal and get a new hearing. If the "dude" was found guilty of a misdemeanor or felony in the Common Pleas court, he should have been represented by a lawyer who can discuss appeal issues with him.

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