If seeking a civil harassment in L.A. County Superior Court does sheriff service cover requirements of notice?

Asked over 1 year ago - Burbank, CA

My friend is seeking a T.R.O. against neighbor who had a permanent R.O. against her and used it to abuse and harass her including getting her arrested for an alleged violation. She wants to make sure she does not have to mail a copy to them also. Bonus- In the obtaining of her R.O. against my friend said neighbors kept changing their story (making it sound more dire) then committed "perjury" under oath on CH-110 forms and by citing the court transcripts. Neighbor said her nanny and the judge heard a "statement" but it is not noted in the official court transcripts as she claimed my friend assaulted her by spraying her with a hose (it never happened). Though nanny testified there was no mention of this "incident". Then they cited this in a subsequent court proceeding. Penalties?

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  1. Stephen Ross Cohen

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    Answered . The prosecution for perjury is almost nil, unfortunately many jdges believe that all or most people lie. They do, however, take into consideration the nature of what they believe to be lies and liars when they make findings in their rulings. Patent liars, when discovered, are often ruled against when there is a question of fact. It is an imperfect world, what can I say.

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