If pulled over for a fake inspection sticker in virginia what possible fines can be imposed? Blindsided w fraud.

Asked about 3 years ago - Portsmouth, VA

Inspection sticker was obtained other than myself.

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  1. Answered . Use of a imitation or conterfeit inspection sticker is a class three misdomeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500.00 for 1st offense and a class one for subsequent offenses (12 months jail, up to $2,500.00 fine)

  2. Answered . It can have fines of up to $500 for 1st offense, and it is also considered a misdemeanor criminal charge which goes on your record. Additionally, it is also considered a form of fraud, therefore you may wish to consult with the person who sold you the car/who you borrowed it from, and with local counsel.

  3. Answered . The prosecution would have to prove that:

    "No person shall display or cause or permit to be displayed upon any vehicle any safety inspection sticker "KNOWING" it to be fictitious or issued for another vehicle."

    You many possess a defense.

    HIre a local traffic attorney immediately.

  4. Answered . You need to talk to a local Traffic Law attorney who deals with this kind of case. You can search the Avvo web site or call your local attorney's Bar Association http://www.norfolkandportsmouthbar.org/, and ask for a referral to an attorney near you. But act quickly because your best chance to straighten it out with the least amount of negative legal result, is just as soon as you learn of the problem, so don't waste your time getting to an attorney and finding out what your rights are and getting quick legal help. If this answer was helpful, please give a “Vote UP” review below. Thanks. Ron Burdge, www.BurdgeLaw.com

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