If police were to knock on my door, am I required to answer? Assuming they do not have a warrants and no one is in danger etc.

Asked over 1 year ago - Seattle, WA

Assuming the following:
-- They have no warrant, and
There are no drugs or guns or weapons
No one is in danger
No loud music or disturbing things
It's perfectly peacefully quiet
I'm not wanted or anything

Do I have to answer them?
What is the best thing to say?

I want to be prepared in case it happens. Since my landlord says he wants to call the police (for no reason actually, but I'm sure he'll make something up). He's trying to scare me out of the house with a bunch of threats because I won't pay him extortion money (basically the extortion is along these lines: "pay me money for these broken things that aren't actually broken, or you have to move out").

Can I just sit quietly in my room?
Or put in headphones?
Or pretend they aren't there?

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  1. Heather Morcroft

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    Answered . No. But the landlord will just call them again if that is the case. Sitting in your room pretending the landlord isn't calling the police is not really a way to solve a problem. You might want to contact your local bar association and see if the have a community mediation program. These are often free or low cost, and a mediator could sit down with you and your landlord and try to help you resolve the problem before it escalates out of control.

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  2. Rixon Charles Rafter III

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    Answered . This isn't a hypothetical type of website--there are many blogs and other websites devoted to commentary related to the hypo you described. Reommend you find one of those sites and make your hypothetical the topic of discussion.

    As a general rule, if police believe an exigent situation is ongoing, or evidence may be destroyed--you can rest assured they will be letting themselves in, and they will be very put out finding you in the apartment--you can expect a bit of rough treatment (setting aside for discussion whether that is 'right' or 'wrong') and perhaps an arrest for obstruction.

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  3. Shawn B Alexander


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    Answered . I agree with the previous answers and if the cops have a warrant or probable cause wearing your headphones is not a defense. You do not have to answer questions, you can call your attorney and you can ask to see the warrant. If you know there is an issue coming up put a lawyer ( hopefully in your neighborhood) on retainer who will show up quickly when your landlord actually causes an issue for you.
    Good Luck

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