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If paperwork was filed for shock probation why is the lawyer saying he will get a yes or no answer in two weeks.

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By my understanding he needs to be present for the judge to make a decision why is the lawyer saying this. He is currently in raymondville the judge is in Bexar county. We are in our 124 day I know all this needs to be done soon. Please help. Is he doing this right.

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    Judge can deny application for shock probation without calling over Defendant, however, he can not grant the application without the Defendant being present. If Attorney has told you he will know something in 2 weeks, he is telling you that the Judge will either order Defendant brought over to have a hearing on the motion for shock probation (which indicates the Judge is considering granting it), or the Judge will deny the request to have a hearing on the motion and thus deny the request. You need to be patient at this point and wait. The court's jurisdiction to consider Shock Probation expires 180 days after judgment is issued so the attorney is doing what he needs to do in plenty of time to get the Defendant there if the court decides they will consider granting it.

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  2. Sure is...and you will get an answer in two weeks.

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  3. As one of my fellow attorneys has said here, the court can simply refuse to hold a hearing on a shock probation application and never bring the defendant back from prison for a hearing on it.

    Why not just ask the lawyer what is going on. Most lawyers are quite willing to give some details about procedures if asked.

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  4. I agree with the answers provided by my fellow attorneys. Be patient.

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