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If on probation, are you required to tell your probation officer you got a ticket/citation?

San Jose, CA |

If someone is on probation, are they required to tell their probation officer that they received a ticket/citation? My friend is fighting it in court and I wanted to know if people don't normally have to report to their probation officer regarding it in the case they can win in court.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. It depends on the terms and conditions of probation he signed. He should have a copy.

  2. If he is on summary probation, usually minor traffic infractions are excepted, meaning they are not a violation. However, if they have a probation officer, I'm guessing they are on formal probation. Then Mr. Kaman is correct he should have the details of his terms.

  3. I agree that you should review the exact terms of probation. For misdemeanor summary probation, the term "Obey all laws" typically does not include an infraction like a traffic ticket. If it is formal probation, the best bet it is to review the terms.

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