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If my wife doesn't want to sign divorce papers through the court, what will happen next? Does it go to default?

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I have drawn up uncontested divorce papers for my wife to sign, and she has not. I'm going through a lawyer right now to do the same thing I did two months ago, but my only concern is that she won't a.) show up for the court date and b.) won't sign those papers as well. We have no assets, property, or children between the two of us. What do I do and what will happen if she doesn't sign the papers?

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If she doesn't sign you're left with a contested divorce case.

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You do what you are doing. You turn it over to the lawyer you hired who, for a nominal fee, should be able to handle the matter without much difficulty. Your wife does not have to sign anything or agree to anything for you to get a divorce. She will be served your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage by a sheriff's deputy or a process server. She will be given 20 days to respond in writing or she will be defaulted and you will essentially get whatever you are asking for. No assets, no children, no property? And she wouldn't agree to do this without an attorney? Lovely, make sure your attorney asks the court for your attorney's fees from her.

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